NGSPICE release 24 is out



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NGSPICE Project has released NGSPICE release 24 on 31 JAN 2012. It has come with some bug fixes for device models and code compliance. There is increased compatibility  for behavioral modeling of E and G sources more like as in PSpice.

What else is there? It has come with 64 bit compilation using MingW, Visual Studio and Linux. However to compile with MingW you will need following libraries with your MSYS

1. bison
2. flex

If you don’t want hassle of compiling on Windows, NGSPICE project directory contains binary files for Windows platform. This zip file needs to be unzipped in C:\spice and thats is. Once you add it to yours system path, they a re ready to go!!

For other platform the project provides only source files. You may compile them easily under any Linux based environment. To install NGSPICE you can follow these steps:

  1. Untar the downloaded tar ball.

    tar -zxvf ngspice-24.tar.gz
  2. Change the directory to top level directory created by untar, i.e. ngspice-24.

  3. You should be able to do:

    $ mkdir release
    $ cd release
    $ ../configure  --with-x --with-readline=yes --disable-debug
    $ make
    $ sudo make install

You will need readline headers and libxaw headers. I needed libxaw-dev and libreadline-dev. If you have the already on your Linux box, installing NGSPICE with above steps is a cake walk.

And here is a screenshot NGSPICE running on Windows XP, with a plot window at top and NGSPICE command window below it.

NGSpice on Windows

Enjoy using NGSPICE. We will use this version to verify simulation results in our upcoming articles.