Writing Hot strings with AutoHotKey



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Recently I came across a very different software. It is Autohotkey. It a language compiler which enables you to mimic keyboard and mouse actions automatically. Only thing you have to do is to download software from their site and install. Since it works on Windows platform so as a basic user I am assuming that you can install it.

In this tutorial I am going to tell you a simple thing which could be with very handy for you a lot many time. Especially if you are addicted to shorthand typing as you do while messaging. So till now you might have visited the website and installed the software.

So lets begin with writing hotstrings. Hotstrings are specific string of words which will produce other longer string of words. It is a form of abbreviation which is expended automatically. I hope you might be pretty interested till now as you are going to reduce the typing task in your daily work.

So once installed Autohotkey you can right click on your screen and click on new and select for new Autohotkey script. Now edit this script using you favorite text editor and enter the following lines below the last line of automatically generated code.

::btw:: by the way
::wat:: what
::u:: you
::y:: why
::r:: are

Save the file and double click on it. Now go to any text editor or MSWORD program. Try typing r or wat or btw and see your keys getting expended automatically. That is the magic of Autohotkey. Enjoy!!!