Using Apple Magic Mouse with Windows 7/8



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Apple Magic Mouse work with Mac OS X like a charm. It also works nicely with the Bootcamp installation for Windows 78. But if you want to use it with your Windows laptop then it will not work out of box.

To start using your Magic mouse with Win laptop, first you need to pair the mouse with your laptop Bluetooth. After pairing up, the mouse will start functioning but still the scrolling will not work.

To get scrolling working, you will need to install some additional drivers. Below are the links for the downloading the drivers:

  1. x86 (32 bit) drivers
  2. x64 (64 bit) drivers

Download the drivers based on your operating system and unzip the files. After unzipping the file, install DPInst.exe. After installing this driver file the scrolling should start working.

If it works for you, let me know in comments.