CUSPICE: ngspice on CUDA Platform is ready for download

Last Monday, ngspice made announcement on their site for release of CUSPICE. CUSPICE is ngspice on CUDA platform. Following is the words taken from their official release: “CUSPICE is the revolutionary ngspice on CUDA platforms. The ngspice simulator has been modified to exploit the parallelism offered by CUDA platforms. The code has been uploaded in […]

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Symica IC design toolkit: A promising tool to get started with Verilog-A

Few days back, I was in search of a free tool which could run my Verilog-A models. I was looking for different options and QUCS, ngspice were some of them. However, none of them were straight forward for compiling and simulating the Verilog-A models. Later, while visiting, I found this article, which lead me […]

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Verilog Simulation using Icarus Verilog

Verilog, standardized as IEEE 1364, is a hardware description language (HDL) used to model electronic systems. It is most commonly used in the design and verification of digital circuits at the register-transfer level of abstraction. It is also used in the verification of analog circuits and mixed-signal circuits. This article will take you through simulation […]

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Starting with SPICE

This time this tutorial is more specific on Electronics. However any one who likes to play with circuits can use it. SPICE is simulation program which simulates the circuit on form of net list. As this is a beginners topic so I will introduce some basics of net list and then we will simulate it.

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NGSPICE release 24 is out

NGSPICE Project has released NGSPICE release 24 on 31 JAN 2012. It has come with some bug fixes for device models and code compliance. There is increased compatibility  for behavioral modeling of E and G sources more like as in PSpice. What else is there? It has come with 64 bit compilation using MingW, Visual […]